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Sharon is a Master Sound Healer of 30 years who uses the combination of many healing frequencies like vocal toning, Crystal Tone Singing Bowls, Native American Flute, Harmonium, Rattles, Medicine Drum and her powerful singing voice to bring the client into a deep sub-conscious state of relaxation. She has a Sedona private practice in her Sound Healing Studio which provides a perfect acoustical setting for healing. The red rocks also provide a powerful venue for Sound Healing on the Sacred land of Sedona.


We will deep dive into a Sonic healing that activates, clears and balances your chakras, subtle bodies and brings you into a deep relaxation where you can release anything that has been holding you back from realizing your true potential. You will set your intentions supported and guided by Sharon to be of the highest vibrational energy and with the healing frequencies of the Crystal Tone Gemstone infused singing bowls, Native American flute and Sharon's powerful healing voice, we will weave an experience supported by the energies of Sedona. There will be time to integrate the experience and then receive  a channeled message from Sharon that supports your personal growth. 


“My friend and I did the Sound Healing experience with Sharon—this was our first sound healing experience and it did not disappoint. We highly recommend checking it out if you are in the Sedona area. The original plan was to head out into the desert for an immersive experience, but our plans changed due to high winds. Though disappointed by the change, Sharon's beautiful home studio provided a relaxing and comforting experience. It may have been even better inside because as Sharon pointed out, we benefited from a few more instruments. Sharon led us to her sound room with a prepared space (double layered yoga mats, pillow, and blanket) before a set of crystal tone singing bowls, flutes, and several other percussive instruments. After a brief introduction, we relaxed into our mats and breathed in those healing harmonics. The rest is quite personal and something we’ll keep within ourselves, in both mind and body. In my friend’s words, “Truly, I can't say enough good things about this time and Sharon's healing gifts - part of me never wants to do it again as I can't imagine anything another one living quite up to it. The other part of me wanted to return the next day! Any skepticism I had walking in was joyfully erased. Allow yourself to be widened. There is nothing and everything magical about it." ~ Gina

"Sharon is incredibly gifted at what she does. Her Sound Healing experience far exceeded any expectation we had. Lying in the magical red rock setting surrounded by beautiful resonating sound, I was transformed to a place of calm contentment. If you really want to experience the magic of the Sedona red rocks in a unique way, Sharon's Sound Healing session should be on your list." ~ Deann

"Sharon is beyond magical. Her beautiful voice and calm healing demeanor put us at ease as we started slip into a deep meditative state. The scenery and the natures backdrop made this experience memorable. After the sound bath, we shared insights and Sharon delivered a very important message to me that I will forever be grateful. Please if you are in Sedona, do yourself a favor and spend some time in nature with this wonderful soul ! You won’t regret it!" ~ Felicia

“Sedona is such a magical place, so to say that this was by far the most memorable experience that we had on our trip says it all. While I’ve had sound baths before, this was truly personalized sound healing experience. Sharon is an amazing soul, and I am just so happy that we had the opportunity to experience her gift. Head into it with an open heart and the healing that you will get out of it will amaze you. I will be recommending her to anyone that heads out to Sedona, and will book her anytime I return as well.” ~ Alisha

As a small business owner, I contacted Sharon to work with my management team for some team building and healing experiences while on a work retreat in Sedona. Sharon arranged for a private outdoor yoga session with her playing live music and a separate sound bath experience at a special site she had selected overlooking the beautiful red rocks. Both experiences were incredibly powerful and moving for each of us and Sharon’s insights helped us open up and grow together as a team. Our experiences with Sharon were unquestionably the highlight of our trip and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make their trip to Sedona an unforgettable, life changing experience. ~ Rob Glynn, VIBE Realty



Sound Foundations Program

Discover how you can use your own voice to create a sense of peace, self-awareness, stress reduction, self-esteem, and relaxation. You will balance each energy center (chakra) of the body by using core seed sounds, toning, mudras, and breath work. Use these sound vibrations to access the prana (life force energy) and facilitate healing. Activate each chakra while releasing tension and facilitating the movement of prana through the energy channels of the body.

Ecstatic Kirtan Program

The Kirtan uses Sanskrit Mantras along with music to assist in the conscious flow of energy through the body to create a peaceful and relaxed state of being. The healing and transformational energies of these ancient chants can help to reconnect us to our true nature and love that lies within us all. Kirtan is designed to lead us toward a meditative state of oneness and wholeness.


"A truly mesmerizing evening of Kirtan. It is a heart-opening experiences that one can immerse into and get lost forever. Sharon’s vocal tones and melody weave a powerful foundation for the vibration of chant. Her love of Kirtan is so apparent that it shines through every mantra."
~ Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

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