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Sharon Silverstein is a talented Singer/Songwriter and Multi-instrumentalist with over 30 years of experience in the music industry. As an accomplished international musician, Sharon has gained a reputation for creating conscious music that inspires personal growth, unity, and world peace. With four self-recorded albums under her belt, Sharon's music is intended to move people towards greater self-awareness, inclusivity, and authenticity. Her songs are filled with messages of hope, love, and resilience, encouraging listeners to connect with their inner selves and express themselves freely. In addition to her focus on conscious music, Sharon's music is also educational and family-friendly, blending elements of country, folk, and rock to create a unique and engaging sound. Her music has a wide appeal, with lyrics that are both meaningful and accessible to audiences of all ages. With her music, Sharon aims to create a sense of belonging and connection, inviting listeners to join her in promoting unity and understanding. Her work is a testament to the power of music to inspire positive change, and she continues to be a respected and influential voice in the Singer/Songwriter community.

Sharon is a Sound Yoga Practitioner, Certified Music Teacher, Reiki Master, Founder and Director of Living At Peace, LLC, Shamanic Life Coach, Yoga Instructor and Kirtan Leader. She leads international Women Empowerment retreats and is a professional Sonic Sound Healer using sound and music in a powerful way to assist clients and students to break through energetic blockages, activate and clear the chakra system, heal trauma and realize their true nature. Sharon's work has been featured on TV, international radio programs, in local and county newspapers, and in national magazines. 

Sharon Silverstein is a prolific Singer/Songwriter and Multi-instrumentalist with a diverse range of musical talents. She has released several albums throughout her career, each one reflecting her deep commitment to creating conscious music that inspires personal growth, unity, and social change.

Sharon's first release, "Alive", came out in 2006 and was met with critical acclaim. This album showcased Sharon's soulful vocals and skillful instrumental work, and featured songs that explored themes of love, hope, and personal empowerment.

In 2011, Sharon released "Chants for Peace", an album that blended traditional chants and mantras with contemporary musical styles. This album was designed to promote peace, harmony, and spiritual connection, and has been praised for its transformative power.

In 2016, Sharon released "Octave of Love", a collection of original songs that celebrated the power of love and connection. This album featured Sharon's signature blend of musical genres and was hailed as a testament to her artistic versatility and emotional depth.

In 2020, Sharon released her first Native American Flute CD entitled "Wind and Thunder". This album showcased Sharon's skill as a multi-instrumentalist and her deep appreciation for Native American music and culture.

In 2022, Sharon released a Country Single entitled “For My Love” accompanied by an official music video. This single demonstrated Sharon's continued growth and evolution as a musician, showcasing her ability to craft a catchy, heartfelt song about how to create sustainability in an intimate relationship. 

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“ If you love authentic music, listen to Sharon Silverstein’s album ‘Octave of Love’. The combination of her roots as a Western Folk/Rock singer with her ever-evolving love affair with Eastern mysticism makes for a compelling musical brew and uplifting spiritual journey.”
~ GuruGanesha, Devotional Musician and Mantra Hipster.​​  

"A truly mesmerizing evening of Kirtan. It is a heart-opening experiences that one can immerse into and get lost forever. Sharon’s vocal tones and melody weave a powerful foundation for the vibration of chant. Her love of Kirtan is so apparent that it shines through every mantra."
~Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health


"The transformational vibrations of Sharon's music and voice are uplifting to the heart and soul in the CD "Alive". Ms. Silverstein and The Peace Project touch the very soul, conveying ideas about unconditional love, grace and the great potential all humans have for true wisdom".

~Courier News, NJ 

"All ages will be inspired when listening to the motivational album “Alive” by Sharon Silverstein and The Peace Project. A wonderful vocalist, Silverstein proves her ability to sing with the grace and style of enthusiastic stimulation with the intonation of folk rock. The title track “Alive” is fresh and energetic in tempo, with nice harmonies complementing the lead vocals. Listeners will feel joy when hearing the spiritual lyrics on “Living At Peace” as they gently move the body and soul. “Unique Me” is a bouncy blues tune with colorful piano fills and spirited drum beats. The entire album is appealing as tempos gracefully shift from upbeat to a gentle ballad.  “Alive” is filled with ideal, uplifting mood music, and fans of upbeat folk rock will definitely enjoy this album."
~RadioIndy Reviewer Team

"On behalf of the Board of Directors and the staff of The Peace Center, thank you and your musicians for your talents on May 14th, 2011 at the Arun Gandhi event in New Hope, PA. Your musical performance was beautiful, inspiring, and moving. We all felt a new sense of peace when we sat and listened. It set a mood, introduced people to a new way of meditating and helped to soften our souls and our hearts to be able to hear and grasp Arun Gandhi's message."
~Barbara Simmons - Executive Director of The Peace Center, Langhorne, PA

Highlighted Past Performances

Kripalu Center, Lenox, MA

The Cube Theater, 4241 South Arville, Las Vegas, NV

Amansala Resort, Tulum, MX

Los Naranjeros Resort, Yalapa, MX

The New Life Expo, NY, NY

Lovelight Festival, Darlington, MD

Touch Mother Earth Festival, Washington, NJ

The Philadelphia Society for Art, Literature and Music, PA

Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden, Delray Beach, FL

Paul Robeson Art Center, Princeton, NJ

Princeton Center for Yoga and Health, Skillman, NJ

Princeton Integral Yoga Community Center, Princeton, NJ

Menla Retreat Center, Phoenicia, NY

Honor Yoga Grand Openings ~ Locations of NJ

Gratitude Yoga, Princeton, NJ

The Temple of Intention, Mt.Shasta, CA

OM Laguna Beach Yoga, Laguna Beach, CA

Dancing Dogs Yoga, Savannah, GA

Fojol Bros., Cottonwood, AZ

Belfry Brewery, Cottonwood, AZ

Javalina Leap Winery, Page Springs, AZ

Carlson Creek Vineyard, Cottonwood AZ

DA Ranch Vineyard, Cornville, AZ

Sky Rock Inn of Sedona, Sedona, AZ

San Tan Flats, Queens Creek, AZ

Tlaquepaque, Sedona, AZ

Radio and TV Coverage

WRSU FM 88.7 Rutgers University, NJ 2002

Comcast Cable TV, NJ 2004 

Community Corner, Patriot 8 Media Cable TV, NJ 2005

WEPN 1050AM, NJ 2005

Artist Music Coffeehouse, Indie Artist Radio, PA 2005

Cablevision, “On The Loose”, NJ 2005

WPRB FM 103.3 Princeton Radio,NJ  2006

CKUA  FM 94.9 Radio, University of Alberta, Canada 2006

Courier News Acoustic Café, Bridgewater, NJ 2007 

Cafe' Improv TV30 Princeton, NJ 2008 and 2010

Courier News Online Show, NJ 2008

WNTI 91.9FM Public Radio, NJ and PA 2008

WJFN-FM 99.7 Long Island, NY 2008

Princeton TV 30, "Positive Energy", 2014 - 2018

WRPI - 95.1 Albany, NY 2017 & 2018

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