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 Life Coaching


We will take a short hike to a secret Sedona Red Rock portal location. During our hike we will deep dive into the area of your life that has held you back from being the best possible version of you. Sharon will open the ceremony with a sacred prayer followed by you infusing your intentions into the plant medicine. While embodying your intention in thought and feeling, Sharon will serve the plant medicine then she will guide you to take the intention into action through a ceremonial red rock re-birthing portal. Using these ancient tools and techniques you will discover the self-awareness needed to move forward in your challenging life situation. 
Finally, Sharon will lead you into a deep relaxation and sound healing with the sound frequencies of the Native American Flute and then close the ceremony. The plants that can be used for the session are Mapacho/Rape,(Barzilian Tabacco), Cannibas and Cacao.


"Sharon was absolutely amazing! She is so personable and understanding. The services she offers were so creative and magical. She took her time to really listen to where my husband and I needed the most help in clearing and then went forward from there. She is so talented and she uses music in order to implement healing. I cannot say enough good things about how she is as a Healer and as a person. All I can say is that she is definitely the real deal and worth every penny. If you need healing in any area of your life or need to make changes of any sort I highly recommend her."

~ Veronica

“Where do we even start? We weren’t entirely sure what to expect from this experience but it exceeded our wildest imaginations. Sharon’s guidance helped us tap into a deeply spiritual encounter that will forever leave an imprint on our souls. If you are ready to find some healing and freedom, you won’t be disappointed by your time with Sharon.”

~ Vance

"I was led to see Sharon on my solo birthday trip to Sedona last weekend. We spent such a magical Sunday morning together. Sharon helped me get to the root of things I have been dealing with for decades, and we did some work with it that truly cleansed my spirit. If you are checking this experience out and it feels right, go for it. You won’t regret it!"

~ Paris

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